This video explains and demonstrates how healthcare facilities can flag a provider with various color 'flags' indicating their level of professional quality - within the ShiftKey app. Additionally, a provider may be marked as "Do Not Return," as a last resort.

In order to ensure quality work, we have implemented Flagging.

To flag a provider, go to the provider tab to the left of your screen from the dashboard. Click on the provider you wish to flag. From here, click Flag Provider - choose which type of flag you would like to add. Next, choose your facility, and add a description of why you chose to flag the provider. Then click save. This will stamp the chosen color flag on the provider's profile so that you and the rest of your team know of their reputation before accepting or denying them onto shifts. You can click on the flag to get more information.

REMEMBER: You still have the option to DNR or Do Not Return providers. However, by DNRing a provider, they will no longer have access to view your facility’s shifts - not even for last minute call outs or desperate situations. That is why we recommend flagging providers unless DNR is absolutely necessary.

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