ShiftKey works hard to answer your questions quickly. But, if you’d like to find your information instantly, you can use the ShiftKey message system and Help Center.

To use the ShiftKey message system, navigate to the bottom right of any page and click the blue message bubble. This will activate a message window with a few options for you.

Use the “Find your answer now” field to enter your question and tap the blue arrow button to find your answers. Note that it works best to focus on keywords that best illustrate your need. For example, type “billing” or “invoice” for accounting questions. Or, “request shift” if you’d like to learn something about shift requests.

If there are answers in our database for your question, they will appear in this area – like this. Simply click an article to view your answer.

You may also use the “Send us a message” button to start a conversation. You can enter your question conversationally here. For example, “How do I request a shift?” You can find your answer immediately by clicking the most context-appropriate blue answer bubble, as shown.

This will display the link to any answer articles that fit your request. Tap on the blue links to learn more. The article will appear as shown. Some answers even include helpful videos, which may answer your question with visuals and voice narration. Once you’ve reviewed the answer you can respond using the emoji’s below. This helps us understand how helpful our system has been for you – and where improvements may be necessary.

Use the back arrow to return to the message screen. If the answer was helpful – let us know by clicking on the “That helped” button to close out the session. If the automated answers did not answer your question, tap on the “Wait for the team” button, and a ShiftKey representative will get back with you as soon as possible.

The average wait times are indicated at the top of the ShiftKey message popup.

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