I just completed my drug screen

Great! 🥳 As soon as we receive your results, typically 3 business days, we will email you a background check. The background check is done online, so you do not have to go anywhere to complete.

How do I request my drug screen?

To order your drug screen, log in, go to Drug Screen and click the "Request new drug screen". This will send us a notification letting us know you’re ready to take your drug screen. You will receive an email from CHECKR within 24-48 business hours. Your background check will be emailed to you after your lab results are sent to us.

*** Note Your drug screening will say "Background Check". CHECKR recognizes your drug screening as being a part of your background check.

***Second email will say "Shiftkey requires you to schedule a health check" This is how you will schedule your screening.

***Third email will say "Get your health check for Shiftkey done today" This contains your donor pass.

I missed my drug screen, will you request a new one for me?

You'll have to wait for the drug screen to expire and for the lab to let us know you missed your drug screen, usually 3 business days after it expires. After all of this you will request a new test on ShiftKey.

My drug screen expired, can you send me another one?

You can schedule another after this one expires and you receive an email from ShiftKey stating you missed your drug screen. When you receive this email you can log in and request again.

What is the status of my drug screen and when will I receive my background check?

After we receive your drug screen results and update in ShiftKey, we will email you a background check. When your background check is complete, you will receive your background report the same day/time we do. After we upload your background report you will see shifts.

I didn't get my drug screen, can you resend it?

We cannot resend once it is sent by the lab provider. We'll need you to find the email already sent. The email came from: support@checkr.com

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