My license has been waiting for validation for a long time.

  • Complete your drug screen and background check first. In order to validate your license, you must first pass the drug screen and background check.

  • You cannot see shifts without these items completed.

I have multiple licenses in different states, how do I see shifts?

To add a region go to Settings, Regions and add all regions you are licensed in and would like to see shifts.

My ShiftKey name does not match the name on my credentials

To work with ShiftKey, all independent contractor provider’s documents, licenses to work, drug screen and background check must match the name you setup on ShiftKey. Please renew/update these documents to match the name in ShiftKey. Alternatively to update your name in ShiftKey, follow these instructions.

How to change regions

To join or leave a region, click settings on the left-hand side of your screen, and then select regions.

If you wish to leave a region, locate the one you wish to leave and select “leave region”.

If you wish to join a region, under available regions, use the arrows to scroll through and join any region you have a valid license in.

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