Brand new to ShiftKey?

If you just completed onboarding and requested a paycard during that process, you will receive it in the mail ∼3 weeks after you complete the onboarding process. We will not mail out paycards before you complete onboarding.

💵 When do I get paid?

Direct Deposit (DD): Every Tuesday*.

The Rapid Pay Card (PC): Daily Monday-Friday, worklogs approved by 1:00pm CST* will be pay by 5:00pm CST.

*For shifts worked Friday-Sunday, work logs must be approved by 1:00pm CST on Monday to be paid out by 5:00pm CST.

*Exception: bank holidays, PC pay will be received on the next business day the bank is open, and DD will be paid on Wednesday.

*Exception: First Direct Deposits can take up to 24hrs to process

💳 How do I change my pay method?

To change your pay method follow the instructions here.

I need a replacement pay card.

If you are requesting a replacement Rapid! Pay Card, please contact Rapid directly at 1.877. 380.0980 (press 0) and tell the representative you need a mailed replacement card.

🏦 I have a new bank account, how do I update?

To update your Direct Deposit Information follow these instructions.

Do you pay holiday pay or over time?

With ShiftKey you will only be paid the rate listed on the shift. There is no holiday pay or over time.

My pay needs to be upgraded to Covid/Premium/1.5 times the rate:

You will always be paid the rate that is posted on the shift. There are no upgrades once the shift is assigned.

What is the pay rate?

ShiftKey is in over 20 states and has dozens of facilities in each state. The pay is posted by the facility so pay will depend on what state/facility you are in. All pay rates are posted on the shifts and available to providers before accepting shifts.

What are you deducting from my pay?

To see a detail of deductions; log in to ShiftKey, go to Earnings, Earnings Report and click on the line of pay with deductions. By clicking on the pay line it will open a window and line itemize deductions.

Why is there a $35 fee deducted from my pay?

ShiftKey fronts the cost of your drug screen and background check so it doesn't cost money to get started. We withhold $35 for the drug screen out of your first shift and $35 out of your second shift for the background check. These are the only two deductions ShiftKey will withhold.

How do I know how much I'll be paid?

The rate of pay is listed on the shift you worked.

Why didn't you pay me?

Due to Bank Closures on Holidays, ShiftKey cannot process pay on Bank Holidays.

Keep in mind, the maximum load amount onto the Pay Card is $15,000. Please note, if your Pay Card has reached the $15,000 maximum, ShiftKey will be unable to add funds until the balance is below $15,000 minus the pending deposit (pay). For example, if you have a balance of $14,000, your pending deposit (pay) amount cannot exceed $1,000.

ShiftKey will not accept my bank account information

Our system requires 9 digits for the routing and 8 digits for account numbers. If your routing/account number has less than 8 or 9 digits, please add zeros to the front until you reach 8 or 9 digits. Also, we don't accept savings accounts.

How to generate an earnings report:

To view your pay and generate an earnings report watch this video or follow the steps below. ,

  1. Click earnings on the left-hand side of your screen

  2. Select earning report in the drop down.

  3. Next to “filter by” select your “from” date and then apply

  4. Select your “to” date, and apply.

This will generate a summary of all approved work logs within that date range.

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