How long does it take to approve my shift requests?

The facilities are responsible for approving shifts. We encourage them to approve shifts in a timely manner. Once you are assigned you will receive an email confirmation. You can learn how to opt in to text message notifications here.

If another provider is selected for a shift, your schedule will say Rejected.

Why are all of my shift requests rejected?

We promise, it's not personal!

Multiple providers can request/bid on the same shift. Keep requesting/bidding on shifts until you get assigned. You can bid on multiple shifts and multiple locations at the same time.

If you're assigned to a shift, Shiftkey will automatically remove your requests on conflicting shifts so you cannot double book yourself.

Here's an article featuring a short video on how to request shifts.

My shift was cancelled, do I still get paid?

If your shift was cancelled 2 hours or less before the start time, you'll need to contact your account manager to let them know so they can have the facility resolve for Time & Trouble.

If the facility cancelled more than two hours before the shift start time, there is no Time & Trouble.

How do I see shifts?

To view available shifts, go to Manage Schedule. There are several filter options you can use to narrow down your search.

I can't see shifts for a certain facility, why is this?

In ShiftKey go to Manage Schedule, click Filter and search by the facility name. You will bid on shifts there. If you do not see any they have already been filled.

Why are there no shifts in my regions?

  • Check your Credentials:

    • If your profile says "You Have Credentials that Need Attention", make sure you are all up-to-date. To update your credentials, select credentials on the left-hand side of your screen.

    • Scroll through and find the credential that needs to be added or updated, then click (More) in parenthesis to the right of it. In the dropdown, select submit credential. Here you will verify information or upload the document and click submit. This will send the document to our team for verification and approval within 24-48 hours Monday through Friday.

  • If all Credentials are up-to-date:

    • Facilities add their own shifts and can do so at any time. We suggest checking your Schedule often to see if the facilities are posting new shifts. Some facilities post by the day, week, and month. Keep checking regularly to see shifts.

Why is my account suspended? (check ShiftKey profile for reason)

If your account is suspended you cannot use the ShiftKey software anymore. Please reach out to your account manager if you feel like an error has been made.

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