ShiftKey has implemented bulk scheduling, a new time-saving feature, which enables you to post multiple shift requests – for days or even weeks in advance – in seconds!

To bulk schedule shift requests, go to your ‘schedule’ tab on the left hand side of your screen. From here, click the green ‘Add Shift’ button or click on the date for which you’d like to add a shift.

Note: If necessary, you can use the checkbox in the upper right corner to indicate new entries as COVID-19 shifts.

Next, select your facility from the dropdown list. Then, select the specialty you need help with, and indicate the skill level. From here, choose your rate and the number of openings you need filled for this shift instance – and enter the date and time of the shift.

To duplicate a shift request over multiple days, click the ‘repeat’ button. From here, choose which days should repeat these shifts and specify the end date to cease repeating shifts. Click ‘add shift,’ and confirm you would like these added for the amount of days requested. This will enter your shifts into the dates you’ve specified and notify all available providers.

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