We are now live on iOS and Android! Below are some frequently asked questions about our mobile applications

How do I get the ShiftKeyMobile App for my phone?


  1. Your device must be running Android OS 8 or later

  2. Where? Download from the Google Play Store here


  1. Your device must be running iOS 14 or later.

  2. Where? Download from the Apple App Store here

Is the ShiftKey Mobile App secure?

Yes, we are Google Play / Apple App Store Trusted & Signed and all communication within the app is encrypted (secure)

Why should I download the app?

Our new Android app puts all the power of the ShiftKey platform right in your pocket! Take advantage of everything the web can go but from your phone with new features released every two weeks:

-GPS mapping Enhanced ability to search shifts based on your current location and preferred distance to the facility

-Manage your credentials and only show you shifts for which you’re eligible

-Receive notifications of shift assignments and availability while on the go

-Submit work logs easily and conveniently

-Single sign-on - sign in once and no need to sign in again

-Customize your notification settings

-View your earnings and upcoming scheduled shifts from your pocket

Does it cost anything to use the ShiftKey Mobile App?

The ShiftKey app is 100% free to use 🥳

How current is the information I see in the ShiftKey Mobile App?

Every time you open the app you will see the latest information

Can I update my direct deposit from the ShiftKey Mobile App?

You can find out more about direct deposit here

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