How long does it take for ShiftKey to validate my CAPS Background Check?

ShiftKey will take up to 5 business days to validate your CAPS background check. After uploading the correct form, ShiftKey will request a background check from CAPS. CAPS takes up to 5 business days to send back a report.

How do I fill out the CAPS Background Check Form?

The form must have all the following for ShiftKey to process it:

· You must upload the agency information form, not the employer information form.

· The form must include name as on ShiftKey, DOB, last four digits of SSN, previous employers over the past five years, email, and cell phone number.

· You must include at least five years of residency anywhere in the country.

o We are not able to process the form if you do not list at least exactly five years of residency.

· Print and sign your name and the add date at the bottom.

· Upload both pages to ShiftKey.

Where can I access the form?

On your ShiftKey profile, go to Downloads and click on CO CAPS Check or click here. Once completed, you can upload a PDF file or a mobile upload.

How do I upload the CAPS Background Check form?

To upload the form,

· Log into your ShiftKey account

· Select “View Credentials” on the left-hand side.

· Scroll down to "CAPS Background check Authorization."

· Click the arrow on the right.

· Use the provided buttons to upload the form.

Is CAPS required?

Yes. Per C.R.S. 26-3.1-101, all caregivers in the state of Colorado are required to obtain a new background check prior to employment by any facility or agency.

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